LAMMCO is a dedicated partner with you every step of the way in any of your record filing needs. We will work with you from “design to done” to ensure the proper solution for your particular application in your specific industry.

LAMMCO is a full filing solution company.
We have a staff that is dedicated to learning about your needs and the best practices the industry has to offer. This means meeting a customer’s specific needs with most beneficial solution in any filing instance.
What is design to done?
We begin with a thorough assesment of your current filing situation. We then seek to find your vision of the filing and direction of your company. As a result, we work to create a solution based on your current and future needs. While working with you, our trained installation crew will do any assembly, purging, or moving based upon your specific needs. Finally, we will do any training or servicing of the system.

Who Uses Our Services?
Legal Teams
Government Organizations
Medical Companies